Marius before the fire

While Marius was sleeping on a cold December night in 2007, a fire started in his house. The fire was so bad, that it completely burned away his nose and seared his eyelids so he couldn’t blink. He got 3rd and 4th degree burns on more than 75% of his little body, and with such severe damage on his hands, doctors at his small children’s hospital had to amputate all 10 of his fingers. Worst of all, both of his parents died as a result of the fire. Marius didn’t find out that they had passed away until more than 5 months after the accident.

Two students from Brigham Young University were interns at his hospital, mostly working with children to help overcome

Marius with Ashley and Jessica developmental disabilities. When the two met Marius, they completely fell in love with him. With the help of their families back in the United States and a small team of people in Romania, Marius was able to get to the United States with his older brother for better medical care at the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.

Since he’s been in the United States, doctors from the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children in Los Angeles have not only repaired his eyelids so he can blink, but have also completely rebuilt his nose and have turned (now six) of his toes into fingers.



While he definitely has his moments (he is a kid after all), he always smiles, laughs and teases, and rarely complains about his burns, situation, or surgeries. He even goes swimming, wrestles, plays trombone, does karate, plays foosball, drives a go-kart, and even shoots guns – all without “hands.”

Ultimately, he chooses to be happy.



The result is an inspiring story of human connection and ultimate belief in oneself–that no matter what circumstances we face in life, anything is possible when we take responsibility and choose how to act in response to our circumstances.


“I Am Not My Body” went on to show in film festivals across the country and also won a number of awards, including two College Television Awards from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation, the same organization that awards the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards each year.

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